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City Hall
P.O. Box 2315
480 East Ave. N.
Ketchum, ID  83340
Ph: 208.726.3841
Fax: 208.726.8234
Digging in the Street
Digging in the StreetDigging in the City Right-of-Way
If you have any questions or concerns, please call 208-726-7802.
  • There is currently no digging in the community core until after September 1 (Labor Day).
  • All street cuts on paved streets and alleys must be completed between May 1 and September 15.
  • Street cuts on non-paved streets and alleys must be completed between May 1 and October 1.

Prior to Digging 
  • Prior to any street cut, the contractor shall be responsible to contact the Waste Water Department for inspection of the work being performed in the city street.
  • The City of Ketchum Street Department requires that you submit the Permit to Dig in, Excavate, or Trench Streets or Alleys in Ketchum application a minimum of three days prior to your date of work.
  • The application fee is $50 and is payable by check or cash. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.
  • All applications must have a legible traffic control plan attached showing flaggers, cones, detours, etc.
  • Your application, permit fee and traffic control plan must be turned in together at Ketchum City Hall (480 East Avenue - Ketchum upstairs in planning and building).

Additional Information
Use the City Streets - Zoning Maps to view which zone you are in. Draw a box around the area of town that you wish to dig in, wait until the map pulls up. Click on the box next to Zoning on the right hand side of the screen. At the bottom of the screen you will see which zone you are in. If you are in the Community Core (pink area), there will be no digging between July 1 and September 15.