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Posted on: November 1, 2018

Meeting of the minds, and the sharing of ideas

Meeting of the minds, and the sharing of ideas. Over the last month, we have held a series of stakeholder meetings on a variety of topics.  These informal meetings have allowed stakeholders to voice their concerns, articulate their points of view and share their ideas.

We have had meetings with downtown business owners, event producers, farmers' market vendors, neighborhood groups, light industrial business owners, developers, realtors, etc. The topics have covered various issues but the goal for us is always the same: to listen and learn so that we can serve you better. To me there is something quite wonderful about us all getting in a room together. It gives us a chance to connect, while building empathy and understanding so that we can truly address each challenge in a thoughtful, balanced way.

Sidewalks get some attention. In addition to the brand-new Warm Springs sidewalk near the “fork in the road” we have spent over $200,000 over the last month on sidewalk repairs around town. I hope you have noticed the improvements. Clearly there is much more that we would like to do, should funds allow. We are in the process of identifying areas for future sidewalk projects so please feel free to send me your suggestions. We want to make our town as walkable as possible – so sidewalk improvements are a priority.

It was a happy Nightmare – on Main Street. It was great fun seeing so many people out on Main Street in all sorts of scary and funny outfits for the Halloween event last weekend. There is something special about closing a road (for something other than road work), rolling in the fire pits and turning up the tunes. Everyone seems to be in good spirits as anticipation grows for the cold weather to arrive and the snow to fly ... lots of it hopefully!

On a final note, remember to vote!

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