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Posted on: April 14, 2017

Behind the Scenes of Ketchum's Budget Process - Mayor Nina Jonas

While cities have responsibilities that must be tended to every year, true leadership requires focusing on a community's success and prosperity with a long-term view.

On April 10, the City Council and I convened for a budget retreat. This annual meeting involves a discussion not necessarily of numbers but, rather, of values. What is most important to our community? How can we support programs, systems, and initiatives that reflect the priorities voiced by community members? Where and how can we improve efficiencies? What are the things we most need, want, and are able to support in order to achieve our shared short- and long-term goals?

Since I first took office three years ago, I have used the 2014 Comprehensive Plan as a guiding document to honor the community's values and long-term vision. Crafted with the input of over 750 Ketchum residents, the Plan allows Council and I to better meet the needs and priorities voiced by the community when making major budgetary decisions. I feel a great sense of responsibility to ensure that the values reflected in it are also reflected in my financial decisions moving forward.

My goals in next year's budget are to maintain effective City services, pay City staff fair and competitive salaries to ensure Ketchum can retain qualified personnel, build more infrastructure such as sidewalks and lighting, protect our natural resources, increase opportunities for affordable housing and year-round jobs, and establish a ten-year strategy with the KURA to utilize joint assets to invest in affordable housing, parking, and essential services facilities.

In this newsletter, you'll find more information about Ketchum's budget process, the importance of zero-based budgeting, and a profile of Grant Gager, our Director of Finance and Internal Services. There are many components of Ketchum's budget process--ranging from the people doing the work behind the scenes to the values informing our decisions--and I encourage everyone to learn more and get involved. Your voice is critical in informing and supporting the values that drive our financial decisions.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Behind the Scenes of Ketchum's Budget Process
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